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2017 Travellers Choice Award

Traveller's Choice Award


Posted On: Nov 7, 2017  |   Category: General

Glenelg is always a win:win holiday destination for everyone. 


Posted On: Oct 31, 2017  |   Category: General

We are already springing into Summer at Seawall!  The thongs have been found, the stand-up paddle board dusted off.  Even Dolphinfish our resident cat is getting fit, ready for her Esplanade wanders!

Posted On: Oct 25, 2017  |   Category: General

The team have been really busy this year, making some amazing new changes at Seawall for our gorgeous guests.

Posted On: Sep 12, 2017  |   Category: General

September is Grandparents Month at Seawall!

Posted On: Aug 22, 2017  |   Category: General

This weeks feature apartment is the Hills View!

Posted On: Aug 15, 2017  |   Category: General

Meet the furriest member of the Seawall team... Dolphinfish!

Posted On: Jul 25, 2017  |   Category: General

This weeks feature apartment is the Captains Quarters!

Posted On: Jul 19, 2017  |   Category: General

Summer Salt is coming to Glenelg Beach!

Posted On: Jul 4, 2017  |   Category: General

Make the most of some great mid-year deals!

Posted On: Jun 27, 2017  |   Category: General

Did you know that ‘The School House’ apartment was actually a school – no we didn’t make the name up! 

Posted On: Jun 20, 2017  |   Category: General

Heading into June we never thought we would see Humpback whales off Glenelg Beach!  

Posted On: Jun 15, 2017  |   Category: General

Winter Wonderland has returned to Glenelg for 2017! 

Posted On: May 30, 2017  |   Category: General

Today's feature apartment is The Landing!

Posted On: May 24, 2017  |   Category: General

This months feature apartment is 1 Olive Court!

Posted On: May 16, 2017  |   Category: General

Join Benjamin Goode and Joel Durbridge for an overnight workshop photographing Glenelg Beach!

Posted On: May 9, 2017  |   Category: General

Winter Wonderland is comng back to Glenelg!

Posted On: May 1, 2017  |   Category: General

Are you looking for something different to a bland corporate function room?

Posted On: Apr 25, 2017  |   Category: General

We have loved hearing from our guests who have stayed at Seawall over the past 40 years.

Posted On: Apr 21, 2017  |   Category: General

Who doesn't need a mid-year break?! 

Posted On: Apr 18, 2017  |   Category: General

What can we say – we really did party like it was 1977!  

Posted On: Apr 11, 2017  |   Category: General

Our Olive Court Apartments are finished!

Posted On: Feb 15, 2017  |   Category: General

We are pleased to announce that recently we won a TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award for 2017!

Posted On: Dec 17, 2016  |   Category: General

In the lead up to Christmas day we've prepared the Seawall Apartments Naughty and Nice list.  Time to get silly-season ready!

Posted On: Dec 4, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Only two streets south of Jetty Road, Broadway offers some shopping and dining gems – all within short walking distance from its better-known neighbour.

Posted On: Oct 16, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Glenelg is once again playing host to two exciting runway experiences as part of the annual Adelaide Fashion Festival.  

Posted On: Sep 25, 2016  |   Category: General

Taking a trip on the Glenelg tram is as much a tradition as it is convenient!

Posted On: Sep 3, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Catching a movie at the old Glenelg cinema was always a fun way to end a day trip to the Bay. Now there’s a new kid on the block, ensuring the tradition lives on!

Posted On: Aug 18, 2016  |   Category: General

At Seawall Apartments we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, but customer service only goes so far when you are staying at a hotel, right? Everyone wants to know what the benefits and extras are for him or her.

Posted On: Aug 12, 2016  |   Category: General

Moseley Square is the family friendly square that is situated right at the seaside end of Jetty Road, Glenelg and is only a 5 minute stroll from Seawall Apartments.


Posted On: Aug 7, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Lollipops is an highly reputable, established market which has been helping works at home Mums and Dads and small business showcase their goodies for over 5 years.

Posted On: Aug 6, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Temptation is a 58 –foot catamaran which operates off the shores from Seawall Apartments.

Posted On: Aug 1, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Kangaroo Island, or KI as locals affectionately know it, is described as being like a zoo without fences!

Posted On: Jul 28, 2016  |   Category: General

The weekend typically consists of us doing our weekly grocery shop, an event that our little daughter is now very fond of as she thoroughly enjoys being in the driver’s seat of the trolley!

Posted On: Jul 5, 2016  |   Category: General

Luxurious shops!

Image result for homewares store

Posted On: Jun 25, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

What’s more pleasurable than discovering great food and wine – especially when you can indulge with a view!

Posted On: Jun 15, 2016  |   Category: Things to do

Many guests enjoy the proximity of Seawall Apartments to the main shopping strip in Glenelg, Jetty Road.

Posted On: Jun 6, 2016  |   Category: General

Spoilt for choice!

Posted On: Jun 3, 2016  |   Category: General

Who's up for an adventure?




Posted On: Jun 1, 2016  |   Category: General



Posted On: May 23, 2016  |   Category: General

If you haven’t had the chance to grab a bite at Pure Boutique Coffee, you really are missing out on a true Glenelg gem.


Posted On: May 20, 2016  |   Category: General

One of the perks of Seawall Apartments being located right on the beach is observing all of the wildlife that enjoy the shallows of Glenelg Beach!


Posted On: May 18, 2016  |   Category: General

There’s no better time than Autumn to experience all the Adelaide Hills have to offer, so jump in the car for an easy 40 minute drive away from the coast into the Hills and enjoy our top five suggestions for a great day out. 

Posted On: May 16, 2016  |   Category: General


Posted On: May 11, 2016  |   Category: General

Dear friends of ours have recently moved to Australia from England, so celebrations have been a plenty in our household of late!

Posted On: May 9, 2016  |   Category: General


When you think of the beach, one often associates it with sunshine, sunscreen and sunsets, in a nutshell a lot of SUN! But winter is also a truly remarkable time of year to be by the sea.

Posted On: May 5, 2016  |   Category: General

Our 9 month old baby girl loves nothing better than to crawl on the grass and play with the fallen Norfolk Pine sprigs. Oh that and munching on a good hot chip, so what better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than fish and chips by the beach.

Posted On: May 2, 2016  |   Category: General

One of the many things I enjoy about Seawall Apartments’ location on The South Esplanade is the fact that you can sit back and people watch every single day, and with the amazing weather we have been having, people having been taking full advantage of spending time by the sea!

Posted On: Apr 25, 2016  |   Category: General

Just last weekend I fell in love with Glenelg just a little bit more. As a thank you to my Mum who was over from Victoria and had been staying with us for the past 6 weeks to help out with our 9 month old baby girl, we decided to take her one of our favourite restaurants, Zucca Greek Mezze.

Posted On: Jul 16, 2014  |   Category: Things to do

This July, Moseley Square turned into a Winter Wonderland with a 150 square foot outdoor ice arena!

Posted On: Jun 15, 2014  |   Category: General

Does anyone describe hotels in terms of ‘stars’ anymore?

Posted On: Jun 15, 2014  |   Category: General

In the age of smart phones, tablets, and laptops light enough to take anyway, the need for Wi-Fi in hotels is obvious. The big question is, should guests be paying for it?

Posted On: Jun 7, 2014  |   Category: General

Here are our top 5 things to remember to pack when going on a family holiday!

Posted On: Jun 7, 2014  |   Category: General

One of our favorite places to visit is the Central Markets in the city, last Saturday I jumped on the tram from Glenelg straight into the city. Easy!

Posted On: May 30, 2014  |   Category: General

The best part about our location on South Esplanade is being an easy walking distance from our favorite restaurants in Glenelg, so having a few cheeky cocktails is no problem!

Posted On: May 25, 2014  |   Category: General

Hi all,

Last Friday night, a catch up with the girls was in order, so we headed down to Glenelg. First stop: Yakumi, for sushi and stir-fried udon noodles. Very tasty. Yakumi has recently combined with their neighbouring restaurant, Glenelg Spices. The menu is split into two sections for each restaurant, so we were spoilt for choice!

Posted On: May 21, 2014  |   Category: General

Today we are taking our first steps into blogging.

For those of you who don’t know us, Seawall Apartments is a family run hotel located in Glenelg, South Australia. We are situated right on the beach, which makes for some stunning views and sunsets that we love to share.


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