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Enjoy the views from the cozy nook
Seating area at the entrance to The Crows Nest
Cute little kitchenette
TripAdvisor review from May 2014
The Crows Nest small but perfectly formed!
Relax in the spa in the light bathroom
Floor plan of The Crow's Nest
Review of The Crow's Nest

The Crows Nest

  • Features: Mini studio apartment / king bed / spa
  • Ideal for: Solo traveler or a cosy couple

The Crows Nest is a secluded, compact apartment, way up high, with a little nook from where you can watch the sunset.

This cute, little studio apartment has a king sized bed and flat screen TV, kitchenette, and sparkling bathroom with 2 person spa.

Small but perfectly formed - it’s the ideal place to hide away from the world.

If you wish to book THIS apartment, please contact us directly.


  • 21-25 South Esplanade, Glenelg
    South Australia 5045 (Access from Oldham Street)
    T: +61 8 8295 1197   E: info@seawall.net.au

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21–25 South Esplanade
Glenelg, South Australia, 5045
(access from Oldham St)

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